QuickBooks helps you spend your time making money… not managing it.

Quick Books is the easy-to-use accounting software for small business owners. It is designed for you. It speaks your language, yet handles even the most complex accounting behind the scenes.

Even if you have no accounting knowledge, you will find that QuickBooks is the easiest way to manage your business.


Increase Productivity speed through routine tasks

QuickBooks provides simple, practical tools to manage your everyday business tasks.

• Pay bills, write cheques and see how much you’ve collected – track it all in one place

• Create forms and invoices, then send them via e-mail

• Manage your customers, vendors and inventory

• Create professional-looking estimates, invoices and sales receipts


Know Where Your Money Comes From – the projects and the clients

QuickBooks Pro provides you with financial management tools that help your business achieve results.

• Track project time with onscreen timer, flow information to invoices and employee pay cheques (Requires QuickBooks Payroll)

• Create multiple quotes or estimates per job. Then, turn them into an invoice at the click of a button

• Classify all expenses and income to specific jobs or projects, quickly review unclassified expenses

• Invoice clients in phases or upon completion of the job


Customize and flexiblefor a professional look

QuickBooks gives you dozens of ways to customize forms so your estimates, proposals, contracts, and invoices look better and work better.

QuickBooks is customizable and flexible:

• Set up your forms and customer statements any way you want – add fields graphics, and format styles

• Customize the icon bar to show only what you need

• Allow up to 5 users to access QuickBooks simultaneously – set up password protected access

• Buy and sell in foreign currencies. Automatically download exchange rates (requires Internet service)

• Archive, condense and back up QuickBooks data


Provide Excellent Customer Service – avoid stock outs

Track both individual inventory items (components or raw material) and assembled goods (combined inventory items for finished goods or products).

• Know the status of your inventory – what’s on order and what’s waiting to be filled

• Create sales order for out-of-stock items and reminders to re-contact customers

• Automatically generate an invoice and packing slip from sales receipt

• Buy, stock, and sell items in different units of measure

• Create different price levels for specific customers


Know More – information when and how you need it

QuickBooks constantly tracks all the money that flows in and out of your business… from budgets to business reports… so you can always see how your business is doing at your fingertips – access more than 135 reports and graphs.

Do you want to see if you made money this month? Click ‘Profit & Loss’ on the from the QuickBooks Report Finder. You’ll instantly see a report that shows you how much money you spent and how much money you earned.

Do you want to compare actual income and expenses against budget? Click ‘Budget vs. Actual’ from the QuickBooks Report Finder. You’ll instantly see a report that shows your actual numbers against the budget – adjust by percentages as needed.

Do you need to import or export lists or reports from or to Microsoft Excel™? Use the Import or Export buttons in QuickBooks and it will guide you through a few painless steps- no reformatting required. QuickBooks also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Word.